Our library consists of hundred of sources of information pertaining to condominial sewerage and directly related topics contributed by experts and practitioners from around the world. It is our intent to make these resources available widely so that others who are considering sanitation reform and expansion in their home areas have relevant information readily available.

Categories include:

  • Guidelines and manuals

  • Factsheets and policy briefs

  • Case studies 

  • Posters, brochures and flyers

  • Technical drawings

  • Presentations

  • Videos and webinar recording

Entries in the library are arranged in a spreadsheet format. When viewed on a computer you have the ability to Filter, Sort, and Group records as you need, and to Search       the whole database and to download the information contained in the record. To view an individual record in its entirety, select the record  number (left of the author) and then click the double-headed arrow which pops up. 

When viewed on a phone

search icon.png

If you would like to contribute one or more resources you would like included in the library, click HERE